Understanding Document Views

Understanding Document Views

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Understanding Document Views

To view a document in different forms, click the document views shortcuts at the bottom of the screen or:

  • Click the View Tab on the Ribbon.
  • Click on the appropriate document view.

The View Tab
The View Tab

There are five ways to view the documents in Word 2007: Draft, Web Layout, Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, or Online Layout.

  • Draft: The most frequently used view. Use Draft view to quickly edit a document. This view does not display pictures or layouts, only text.
  • Web Layout: The document is shown as it would appear in a browser such as Internet Explorer. Web Layout displays the document in full screen for online viewing.
  • Print Layout: This view displays' the layout of each page in the document as it looks when printed. It includes all tables, text, graphics, and images.
  • Full Screen Reading: This is a full length view of document and it increases reading legibility. The screen can be formatted to automatically increase or decrease the size of the font of the document for easy reading.
  • Outline: This view displays the document in outline form to make it easier to view and reorganize a document’s structure. The headings can be displayed without the text. If a heading is moved, the accompanying text moves with it.

The View tab and its Document Views options
The View tab and its Document Views options

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